Conan Roleplay adheres to a strict set of rules, both for the community and roleplay. Please read all of these rules thoroughly to avoid any issues. Members who fail to follow these rules or the guidance of staff may be removed from the community without warning. Not reading the rules is not an excuse to not follow them. Conan Roleplay reserves the right to adopt any rules at any time for the betterment of the community or roleplay.


Staff members of Conan Roleplay are here to provide assistance and uphold the integrity of the community. They may ban members of the community for issues not outlined in the rules if they feel that member is damaging to the community or roleplay.

Members will be given a flag every time there is an infraction. A member may only receive one flag per incident. A permanent ban is issued when a member has accumulated three flags. Flags may be appealed, whereas bans are conclusive.


It is important to us that everyone is treated with respect. Our goal is to cultivate a friendly environment that people from all backgrounds can come together to roleplay and enjoy the experience.

1.1  Discrimination towards race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc. or discriminatory terms of any kind will not be tolerated.

1.2 You may not troll, harass, or bully other members of the community through any medium. That includes social media, twitch, other discord servers or any other platform that connects you with another member of Conan Roleplay.

1.3 Community Staff are held to a higher standard than regular members. Any Staff member found in contempt of the rules will be subject to immediate removal from the Staff team without appeal. We are strongly dedicated to keeping community members safe and secure.


Discord is required to play on the Conan Roleplay server and your nickname must be your currently played character’s name. Nicknames can be changed by typing /nick yourcharacter name into any channel. If you wish to include your OOC name, place it at the end in parentheses. Example: Nodric Delcane (Ghostmode)

2.2 #ravens and #raider-trails are the only approved IC channel on discord. You may not pass along in character information through any other server, channel, or direct message.

2.3 You may use discord voice channel while in-game but only for out of character communication.

Tip: Hotkeys can be set within discord settings to quickly deafen yourself when RPing.


Roleplay is assuming the role of a fictional character, changing your behavior to match that of the character and creating stories with fellow players. High standards of roleplay are expected from all members of our community, both new and veteran. Interactions should always be enjoyable for everyone involved.

3.1 You must roleplay your character at all times while in the game. Using voice is highly encouraged, but you may text RP as well.

Tip: You can use the /me command to perform emotes.

3.2 You may not go out of character unless absolutely necessary, at which point you may do so via text and wrap in double parentheses to indicate to other players that it is an out of character message. Example: ((I need to step away for a moment. Sorry!))

3.4 You may not ignore or log out to avoid other members attempts to roleplay. This does not include your property. You may use your home as a safe haven to take a break from roleplaying.

3.5 Your character has to fit within the Conan universe and be an original character. That includes the name of your character. You may not use famous fictional or nonfictional names.

3.6 You must behave in a manner that portrays the different environments and situations the character may be presented with. You may not play a demigod that is more powerful than other characters.

3.7 You must always roleplay in a manner that indicates a value for your life and survival. Do not behave in an unrealistic manner when presented with dangerous situations.

3.8 Issues regarding someone’s roleplay should be addressed out of character afterward. Never interrupt roleplay because you have an issue with the situation.

3.9 ERP is permitted but must be done strictly with consent out of character and in private. Please be respectful towards fellow community members when engaging in this type of roleplay.

3.9.1 Wearing a collar will allow other players to force actions upon you. Do not wear a collar or consent out of character to wearing a collar if you are not comfortable with the situations or actions that may be forced on you.


All information that a character has must be obtained by the character while in-game and in a realistic manner or through approved in character channels.

4.2 You may not use or pass along information regarding your location, attacker(s) or any other details out of character while in a hostile interaction. Information may be passed along in character after respawning as wounded. 


5.1 Do not cause any permanent statuses on another player without their explicit out of character consent.

5.2 Permanent death is the exclusive decision of the character’s owner. You may not ever permanently kill another player’s character.


 After death you must roleplay as if you were wounded unless you decide to permakill your character.

6.2 You may retain all knowledge and memories of the event or interaction that caused your death.

6.3 You are not allowed to return to the general area of your death for a minimum of 1 hour. You may not involve yourself in the direct situation that led to your death, even after the minimum amount of time.

6.3.1 Deaths that are not from an RP or PvP interaction are void. You may return to the location. This includes death from glitches, mobs or other environmental elements.


 Do not kill on sight without kill privileges. All kills must be justified through roleplay.

7.2 You may gain kill privileges on the hostile player(s) if you are the victim of an interaction that threatened your life or you were the hostile player(s) that initiated a life-threatening interaction.

7.2.1 You may not initiate without reasonable demand if you have not had a previous interaction. If reasonable demands are made and met, neither players will have kill privileges.

7.2.2 You may initiate a life-threatening interaction without demands if you have previously had a hostile encounter, betrayal, disrespect, or other valid RP reasons.

7.3 Kill privileges are granted to those directly involved in an interaction or an official clan that had a member directly involved. Kill privilege will last for 1 hour. Kill privileges are lost upon death, regardless of the remaining time or any other circumstances.

7.4 You may not log out to avoid a conflict. You may only logout 30 minutes after a conflict has ended or 30 minutes after breaking line of sight. If you need to log out for an emergency, do so by asking for out of character permission. 

7.5 Thralls may be killed at someone’s home or out in the wild in self-defense. This is not considered life-threatening to another player. Try to avoid someone’s home if they have a presence of thralls that may attack you. Never intentionally go into someone’s area just to kill their thralls.


 Post-conflict roleplay may be requested by anyone directly involved in a hostile situation by typing out ((post conflict rp)) or anything else along those lines. All players involved must then place down a bedroll to roleplay as if they were wounded after dying.

8.2 After you die, you may not spawn in the desert or your bed if post-conflict roleplay was requested. You must return to a close proximity of where you died and lay down. The victor(s) will decide your fate and how the RP will progress at that point. You are wounded and helpless.

8.3 You may be searched via emote. If you are searched, you must use the submissive emote to open your inventory to other players by hitting TAB > Custom Emote > Submissive. Do not move until the search is over, moving will cancel the emote.

Victor: /me search Nodric’s bag.
Nodric: TAB > Custom Emote > Submissive

8.4 The victor(s) may not issue any final blows to end your life in a manner that would be hard to explain why you survived. The victor(s) may leave alone after they are done roleplaying with you as wounded. Upon breaking line of sight, you may get up and be on your way. You must still roleplay as if you are wounded for a minimum of 1 hour.

8.5 You may be taken hostage, tortured, etc. during the interaction. If at any point, you go for 30 minutes with no roleplay, you may escape by any means necessary (including taking your bracelet off). If the interaction becomes uncomfortable out of character, you may ask to be excused. Hostage roleplay should be enjoyable for everyone. All those involved must be actively participating.

8.5.1 All hostages must be kept alive and in good health during the interaction.

8.5.2 Hostages may only be executed if they do not comply with demands, are a threat to your life, do not value their own life or attempt to escape. Their execution must be in a manner that can realistically explain why they survived.


Raiding is another form of conflict that involves property rather than characters. All Conflict rules apply to raids as well.

9.1 No offline or surprise raids.

9.2 Do not raid without first initiating and stating your intentions to the player or group. Those being raided must be presented with reasonable terms to avoid being raided. Only with their refusal can the raid begin. If the terms are agreed to then they must be honored.

9.3 When raiding, you may only destroy what is absolutely necessary to loot effectively. Never cause immense amounts of destruction without purpose.

9.4 Players that surrender may or may not be killed, that includes passive thralls. This is at the discretion of the raiders. All conflict and post-conflict rules apply.

9.5 Outposts may be raided while the owner is offline under certain conditions. A trail leading to the raider’s home must be posted in the #raider-trails channel and it must be explicit so the victim can get follow up roleplay.

9.6 Buildings that are decayed may be raided or destroyed at any time. Building decay after 15 days of inactivity and can be checked with a repair hammer for both remaining time and decayed status as an in character visual. So your character will be able to tell if a building is in poor condition.


10.1 Do not build around other players, resource nodes, baby animals (will be used for taming in an update), npc camps, lore locations or any other key points that put players at a disadvantage by limiting access.

Buildings discovered to be blocking key points may be removed without warning. 

10.2 Buildings must be realistic and within that characters means. Do not build more than what is necessary. That includes preemptively expanding to accommodate more people.

10.3 Buildings with the purpose of being a publicly accessible location for roleplay (such as taverns, brothels, inns, shops, etc.) are reserved for official clans only and require staff approval. 

10.4 You may only place wheels of pain, shrines, and map rooms at your home location. If these objects are found out in the wild or at outposts, they will be removed without warning.

10.5 Outposts (locations other than your home) may be built but no more than two throughout the whole map. It must have a sign above the doorway indicating that it is an outpost.

10.5.1 Outposts must be barebones and only include what is necessary to live there temporarily. They may only include beds, chests, a cooking station and a well.

10.6 Do not build random blocks or place items to claim an area. Buildings with no progress or randomly placed blocks will be removed by the decay system.

10.7 Traps and explosives may not be placed out in the wild. They may only be used as defense within close proximity of your home. Deaths caused by traps or explosives out in the wild will be treated as a KOS.


11.1 Roleplay HUBs and Official Locations are protected safe zones. The flow of life may not be interrupted by conflict unless specified for that location.

11.2 Any HUBs or locations listed on the lore page ( are considered well known and in character knowledge. 


12.1 Official events held or endorsed by staff must not be interrupted in any way. Unless stated otherwise before the event.

12.2 Special rules and/or server setting may be applied during the event to keep things running smooth. These rules and/or settings will be shared prior to the event in the announcement.


 Do not use third-party software that effects the game and provides an unfair advantage over other players. All VAC and Battleye bans are honored.

13.2 Do not exploit a bug to gain an unfair advantage over other players or use a game mechanic in a way that was not intended by the developer or workshop mods. Bugs must be reported immediately to staff via private message. Never report bugs publicly. 

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